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Bypass Brussels
breeze through Antwerp

Flying from and to Antwerp makes more sense than struggling with the crowds at Brussels. FREE Parking right outside the terminal, Check in takes minutes and security too. Arriving at Antwerp is even easier. From aircraft to taxi in five minutes. Life’s too short to waste it in airports so fly VLM and give yourself more me time.

Simple fares
that make plane sense

Looking for a fare on a budget, a vlmessential ticket is the way to go. If you need more flexibility, then nothing fits the bill better than our vlmexecutive ticket. Fully flexible to accommodate your changing itinerary, it’s virtual business class but at an economy class price so it makes perfect business sense.

We want you to like us
for all the right reasons

There’s no reason not to make life pleasant. A smile costs nothing so we like to think we spend a lot! And we still believe in a little goes a long way, so you’ll still find VLM has complimentary inflight service on every flight. It’s our way of saying thank you.
You’re special.

Antwerp - Geneva
Ski faster than ever

If the snow’s calling you there’s no reason not to give in! With the resorts of Mont Blanc, Grand Massif and Port du Soleil just an hour from Geneva, you could be sitting on a ski lift just three hours after take off from Antwerp.